The Aftermath

Posted by on Sep 11, 2016 in blog, The Art of Daily Living | 4 comments

Fifteen years ago America had experienced a horrific tragedy that will always be remembered.  September 11th (2001) can be a solemn day for many affecting both those directly affected as well as helpless on-lookers trying to make sense of what happened.  Many recollect where they were at and what they were doing during the crashes.  One thing that is clear…the result of this tragedy.  While communities, cities, and the country could have...

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Connecting With Your Soul

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in blog, Spirituality & The Sacred Space | 2 comments

Life is a journey. I’ve come to recognize this some years ago. The spiritual aspect of life is an important one to me and I do my best to balance this part of my life along with everyday living which also affects my mind and body. Over the years I have actively taken steps to align myself with my true self; watching what I say, how I speak, speaking only truth or not at all, meditation, noticing my thoughts, eliminating judgment of self and...

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The Journey Continues

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No more lab coat! That’s right. It’s time to hang it up. The transition from a full time hospital social worker to a full time Reiki Master/Teacher and holistic business owner has been an eventful ride. I haven’t quite given up social work, of course. Letting go has been one of those life lessons that I continue to practice. I still practice social work, picking up hours on occasion to “maintain those clinical skills” and...

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Chakra Basics

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Some people wonder, “what is all this talk about chakras?”. Many energy workers talk about them along with words like aura and meridians. You may have heard of chakras, but aren’t really sure what they are or what they do. So here is some simple information about the chakras. Picture a person sitting cross-legged on the floor or ground. Now imagine the front of the person having circular, flower-like, fans located at the pelvis (root...

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Becoming More In Tune With Your Meditation

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Do you find respite in the quiet time you set aside for yourself? Do you look forward to that time even if it’s for a short period of time? For those of you who have found the Quieting the Mind blog post and e-Book helpful and are interested in developing your meditation time, here are some helpful tips! Increase your meditation time to 10 minutes Are you still meditating for 5 minutes at a time? Are you doing this once a day or even multiple...

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Promoting Solopreneurs’ Dreams through Distance Reiki

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I have been practicing Reiki since 2009. As I felt limited with whom I could practice hands-on Reiki with at that time, I did a lot of distance Reiki. I sent Reiki to those in need of healing, sent it to appointments I had scheduled, and even to therapy sessions I had scheduled with clients. I had noticed many positive results from doing so. While I continue to accept and practice distance Reiki on a regular basis, the majority of the requests...

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