Life Coaching Sessions

Welcome to Reiki Pagoda and thank you for your interest in Core Alignment Life Coaching with Gina! We are excited to work with you and appreciate your confidence with choosing our team to meet your all-encompassing holistic wellness.

The life coaching sessions will be conducted at Reiki Pagoda or by phone from the comfort of your home.  If you choose to have your sessions via phone, Gina can record the session for you to review and support your goal.  You and Gina can discuss the best program to meet your needs during a peaceful time to dedicate to your journey.

We ask if you haven’t added your billing information in the Mindbody® online scheduling that you please do so for payment of the sessions. You will be billed after each session and receive an email confirmation of the charge. Please log in to your profile on to our secure website to enter this information. This will avoid any delays in receiving your sessions.

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Our policies are listed here. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Core Alignment questions:

Contact Gina or call 440-497-0552

Billing Questions & Reiki Pagoda Services

Contact Nikki or call 440-549-0081


Wishing you all best on your wellness journey!

The Reiki Pagoda Team