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Gina’s greatest strength as a Core Alignment Specialist comes from the fact that she has worked through the course herself. She has a degree in Human Services and planned on a career in counseling, yet after being exposed to Core Alignment Coaching she saw how the program is meaningful, honest and truly authentic. She is now living her passion as a Specialist changing lives and enjoying her own. Gina helps you resolve conflicts and enables you to make the positive changes you want. With her guidance, you can free yourself of the limiting beliefs blocking the things that you want in life. When this shift takes place it will open a world of possibilities.

Gina is a Core Alignment Coach; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Wisdom Training (EMT) certified.


Core Alignment Life Coaching
Reiki Pagoda


Kathy is a certified doTERRA AromaTouch(R) Practitioner, a certified ReikAromaTouch Sessions at Reiki Pagodai Master, and I.E.T practitioner.


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