Revisit Usui Reiki Classes

If you have been certified in any of the Reiki Classes through Nikki and would like to join a class again to review the information and be attuned or go through the placement process again you are welcome to join at a discounted rate! This only applies to the levels you have taken with Nikki.

For example, if you have been certified in Reiki I and Reiki II by Nikki and want to join in another Reiki I or Reiki II class you may at the discounted rate.  If you are interested in attending a class which you have not been certified you must pay the full price.  Each time we are attuned or go through a placement process it aids us with the connection for energy work.

Also, if you have been previously certified by another practitioner and are interested in joining a Reiki Class through Reiki Pagoda, you will need to take the full paid course as there are many different styles of Reiki (i.e. Terra Mae, Practical Reiki, etc).  The content and symbolism may be different than Usui/Tibetan or Usui Holy Fire.  While Nikki is now teaching Usui Holy Fire; we follow the same path as Usui/Tibetan, but no longer use/teach the Tibetan symbols or the use of the violet flame.

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The cost for the revisit of classes are as follows:

Reiki I ~ Shoden Class: $50
Reiki II ~ Okuden Class: $50
Advanced Reiki Training Class: $68
Reiki III Master/Teacher ~ Shinpiden Class: $116

You may pay at the time of registration or the beginning of class.

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