The Journey Continues Reiki Pagoda

No more lab coat! That’s right. It’s time to hang it up.

The transition from a full time hospital social worker to a full time Reiki Master/Teacher and holistic business owner has been an eventful ride. I haven’t quite given up social work, of course. Letting go has been one of those life lessons that I continue to practice. I still practice social work, picking up hours on occasion to “maintain those clinical skills” and license, but I have to say it has been a huge sense of relief to do what I absolutely love full time.

I have to say it’s an odd feeling. A good one, but odd.

So many people work full time and have something they do on the side. Their main focus, time and energy is spent on that job. In my world, the tables have turned. A complete 360 degrees! I’m now spending the majority of my work life doing what I love. And for a while I was balancing 2 full time jobs! That’s quite a bit for a woman who preaches self-care is a must! It has been well worth it to put those extra hours into Reiki Pagoda, to give it that foundation it needs to continue to evolve.

I do have to say, it feels so good to be able to cut down on work. To be able to finally be able to have that balance of work, taking care of home life, and PLAY! I have been estranged from friends and family from this dedication. I don’t know that I would recommend my path to anyone, but I do believe you should follow your dreams. Listen to your intuition or that tiny voice that says, “Hey, why not try this…”

Follow your dreams. Listen to your intuition or that tiny voice that says, “Hey, why not try this…” 

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Since I started my private practice in 2010, it was my dream to provide Reiki services and serve people in a holistic way. Five years later, that very dream has exceeded its limits! The results are amazing when you listen to your intuition or that “gut feeling”, and act on those hunches! Even with the smallest things. By doing so, an entire new world opened up to me. My dreams evolved and continue to grow along with my practice.

I’m so grateful for God, The Universe, Great Spirit for always knowing and supporting this life of mine. I also am grateful for listening to my intuition, acting in accordance, and following through. I have been blessed with an amazing Reiki Master/Teacher and a great group or cohort of women who continued through the majority of our certifications together. I also have been blessed with the connections of wonderful Reiki-folk through a local Reiki clinic. Ahhhh…my Reiki brothers and sisters who support this journey. Once you start developing these circles of connections, you meet and learn from others in the holistic or alternative care practitioners. I’m grateful for my wonderful family & friends who have been with me since I was a Reiki student myself!

Finally, but definitely not least, I’m thankful for the wonderful clients who I have met along the way and benefit from the services they receive.

The effects are everlasting and transitioning. The need for self-care is so important and Reiki Pagoda does its best to provide quality care with affordability. I see the need and I know of the benefits of multiple modalities. So I invite you on this path as Reiki Pagoda continues to grow and evolve. One day we will have a serene center for you and others to receive all-encompassing holistic modalities to feed their Mind, Body, and Spirit!

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