Shoden ~ Level I Certification

This is an introductory class providing the foundation for practicing Reiki. Once you have been attuned to Reiki I you will be able to practice Reiki on yourself, other people, and even your pets! This course includes the lectured information, the Reiki I attunement, practice time, and certification. Reiki the Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual, by William Lee Rand, will be provided.

Class Objectives

  • Introduction to Reiki
  • Brief History of Usui Reiki
  • Becoming familiar with energy
  • Creating affirmations/intentions
  • Ocean Of Holy Love Experience
  • Reiki I attunement
  • Self practice
  • Practice on others (table and chair positions)
  • Systematic approach

Cost $150

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Payment (Cash, credit/debit card, and personal check) is due at the time of class or pay on Trainings page.
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