Welcome to the new ReikiPagoda.com!

I am excited to share with you the new Reiki Pagoda website including a blog to bring you a more heart-centered soulful experience. I’m hopeful that this will be a more interactive experience; providing you with information about Reiki, keeping you up to date with the current Reiki Services (sessions and classes), introducing workshops, sharing the current promotions/Specials, and any upcoming events.

Evolution of my Practice

I remember being a new Reiki practitioner in spring of 2009 when I began practicing on myself. As I continued to practice I was drawn to continue learning more which prompted me to take the Reiki II class. I continued to practice and I felt more compelled to practice Reiki on others. This led me to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. I love practicing Reiki and sharing it with others. While I as a practitioner have had the opportunity to practice with a number of wonderful people I have gained a tremendous amount of experience and I continue to learn each day. I have and continue to evolve as a Reiki practitioner and so has my practice. I went from practicing on myself, to volunteering at a local Reiki clinic, to starting my practice with the general public.

The practice means a lot to me and since the inception of my practice I have been doing everything I can to maintain its integrity. Since my practice has evolved and continues to grow I’ve had to approach the administrative piece from a business stand point, however it’s so much more than “a business.” This practice comes from my wanting to assist others with feeling good, providing comfort, relief, and self-care. There is nothing more wonderful than to see a client with a bright smile and relaxed as if the world has been lifted off their shoulders after a session. This is the purpose of my practicing Reiki. I have also found it very rewarding to share with other Reiki and healing art practitioners the methods that have been useful with evolving my practice.

Reiki Pagoda Meets the Internet

Autumn of 2010 was another exciting time as the first Reiki Pagoda website was created. My wonderful web designer, Catherine (Creatively Designed), who I continue to work with, has done such a remarkable job with creating a unique website to capture and display the soulfulness of my practice. I started a basic newsletter generated by email to stay in contact with my clients. Eventually I wanted a more professional/HTML newsletter that would be more appealing reflecting my practice to share with the public.

In 2012, Catherine created a newsletter that resembled the website providing a bit of inspiration and the latest Reiki Pagoda news. Once again, as the practice continues to evolve, we find it’s time to have a more modern website. Four years after the creation of the original website, it’s bitter sweet while exciting to present to you a fresh look representing Reiki Pagoda. It will contain similar content rearranged in a fashion that is more pleasing. Take a look around and continue to visit to read new blog entries, new special offers, and events! I hope you find it inspiring, uplifting, and informative. I wish you many blessings!

In Gratitude,

Nikki Ackerman, RMT