What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that has been passed down for centuries to provide relaxation.  Many have reported that it assists with stress reduction and promotes healing. Reiki means “Universal Life Energy,” the energy within all living beings. It is a non-intrusive, holistic form of energy work. It balances our energy while releasing anything that isn’t promoting our well-being.

Reiki works with the mind, body, and spirit. It assists with releasing energy blockages, releasing negative patterns, and promotes more positive experiences. This could be in the form of healing, increasing agility, endurance, motivation, and compassion for self and others. It can reduce stress, reduce pain, increase circulation, and more. It can reinforce positive experiences. The possibilities are endless. While there are many benefits to Reiki it doesn’t replace the professional medical or psychological care, however it can be complimentary.

People often report experiencing a sense of warmth, peacefulness, and a greater state of well-being. You may notice the practitioner’s hands are warm to the touch. You may also feel as if you are in a meditative state or a state of deep relaxation while being aware of your surroundings. Some people may feel as if they were floating and sometimes people fall asleep during a session. Everyone’s experience may be different from one another. Also, your own experience may differ from each session.


Nikki has received certification to practice and teach Reiki.  She is not a medical professional and does not perform or claim to cure any ailments.  Reiki can be complimentary and beneficial with receiving any professional medical or mental health treatment and it is highly recommended that you seek out the appropriate professional to meet these needs.