Have you noticed more people talking about essential oils?  Have you seen them along with diffusers in your local retail stores? Or maybe you haven’t heard much about them.

I remember finding the aromatic blends as a teenager when I was out shopping. Of course they were for perfume uses and thought they would be a nice alternative to the perfume that was sold further down the aisle.  They definitely smelled better than the mixture of perfume testers that were sprayed.

I became reacquainted with them about 2 years ago November when I was suffering from a sinus infection.  A friend of mine had been using therapeutic grade essential oils for some time and introduced me to an immune support blend. Therapeutic grade essential oils are so much better than perfume grade.

I had no idea the oils could support wellness!  I tried it and my goodness they worked!

Being into the holistic lifestyle, I started looking into the oils.  As many, I’m familiar with lavender. It’s a great oil for calming.  At the time I wondered, “What is this Melaleuca (tea tree)? I have to admit that Melaleuca wasn’t my favorite smell initially, oh but my, did it make my hair soft when I added it to my shampoo and condition! Frankincense…a little pricey, but wow it’s a nice treat to add to lotion for my face after a shower! I learned that Frankincense is great for the skin (as is Melaleuca).

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with essential oils.

As I started using them more and more they became part of my daily life.  I have noticed an improvement with my wellness and began integrating them into my Reiki practice. Working with therapeutic grade essential oils work their way directly in the blood stream and have such wonderful benefits!

The synergy of the oils and oil blends along with Reiki partners well with the healing and wellness process. If you are interested in experiencing the oils ask for an essential oil add-on with your next Reiki or Chakra Balancing session.

If you are interested in learning more about the oils or trying them yourself contact Nikki at nikki@reikipagoda.com.