Pendulum Basics Workshop

Are you drawn to working with a pendulum? Pendulums can be used for many purposes; obtaining answers not readily available to the conscious mind, energy and chakra work, to scribe, and more.  Our class will focus on the basics of choosing, cleansing, and caring for the pendulum that speaks to you while learning to work with it. This is a great way to develop and enhance your intuition.  Join us for this 1-hour workshop!

Bring your pendulum or purchase one at the beginning of the workshop.  Cost of the pendulums rage from $14 to $30.

Cost: $25

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Reiki Practitioner Workshops

Reiki Documentation Workshop

This workshop will add a professional quality to your healing work with clients. We will become familiar with the client information/consent form, the Reiki session documentation form, and discuss client privacy and release of information.

You will learn how the client information/consent form will assist with learning about your client before he/she gets on the table. Charting the session will provide you with information about the session which can help track progress of a client as well as providing you an opportunity to document your hands-on experience. We will also touch on privacy and sharing of information.

This will be an interactive workshop as we will role play engaging a new client, have Reiki session practice time, followed by completing a Reiki session document.

Cost: $50

Date: TBA

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