My background involves helping others. I hold a Masters degree in Social Work and have experience maintaining a number of roles working with diverse population groups. Reiki has been a complimentary fit in my life through my genuine compassion, respect for each person where ever they may be on their path in life, my high ethical standards, personal values and motivation to a fulfilling life.

Reiki has been an asset and a road to discovery in my life. I first heard of Reiki over 10 years ago, however it wasn’t until 2008 that I felt compelled and ready to learn Reiki.

I was going through a relapse with Fibromyalgia. A wonderful friend, who is my massage therapist and is also a Reiki Master Teacher, shared how the benefits of Reiki could assist with minimizing the pain I was experiencing.

Reiki helps to bring balance to the body. It assists the body with stress management, and I had been under some stress from work as well. The thought of having an active alternative approach to managing pain and stress (along with the care of my doctor when needed) piqued my interest further. When I learned that Reiki can be applied to oneself in addition to receiving treatments from others, I decided to begin my journey.

I participated in the introductory level, or First Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki receiving my certificate in March 2009. My intention was to use Reiki for my personal use until I began to recognize the profound results Reiki offered. As my interest in Reiki grew, I studied the Second Degree of Reiki and received my certification in June 2009.

I continued to use Reiki on a personal level and began practicing with a Reiki Circle of practitioners I had met during my training. Again, I felt compelled to continue with advanced training in Reiki to increase my knowledge and skills. I completed the Advanced Reiki Training in October 2009 and the Third Degree/Master training in November 2009. As I progressed with my Reiki training, my interest in offering Reiki to people other than myself began to grow.

I continue to practice Usui/Tibetan Reiki daily since my initial certification. I have volunteered with a local Reiki Clinic working with people of all ages. I further enhance my awareness and personal growth through additional training with areas that complement Reiki such as: working with intention setting, crystals, and general practice. I became certified as a Karuna® Reiki practitioner in July 2010 and became a Karuna® Reiki Master in August 2011. As Reiki continues to evolve so does my practice.  I became certified as a Holy Fire® Usui & Karuna® Master in May 2015.

Reiki affects people on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I have witnesses many positive changes in my life and the lives of those who receive Reiki. The intention of my Reiki practice is to bring the gift of Reiki to more people by providing treatments or by teaching people to treat themselves and others. It is priceless to see people move forward in any, if not all of these areas, and to receive their gratitude.