Finding Your Self-Care Routine by Nikki Ackerman, RMT

So my dear friends, I hope you are all well! After some recent events I find myself drawn to connect with you. I’m finding that it’s time to become a little more mindful of my well-being and to practice what I preach on a more regular basis.

It has been so easy for me to get caught up with my Reiki practice, working as a collaborative with my energy worker office mates, my other full time job (dealing with intense crisis events), caring for family members, while planning a birthday that I’m hosting for another family member. Oh and did I fail to mention spending quality time with friends and family?

As you may have read in my newsletters and previous blogs, I talk about the importance of self-care and meeting your wellness needs. Yes I do meditate on a daily basis, except on rare occasions when I miss a day. I stress the importance of balance and “taking the time” for you (and shall we say…me)!

After recently experiencing some true physical symptoms, I thought it would be best to be seen at the ER as I didn’t want a repeat of the health issues that nearly cost me my life this time last year. After all the appropriate lab work, tests, and treatment, the doctor tells me physically I’m doing well and that the issue appears to be anxiety.

Anxiety??? Really???

Anxiety is also known as overwhelming stress that causes on-going worry. I work full time as a clinician in the mental health field and slightly suspected this was a possibility, but after the events last year, I wasn’t sure as the symptoms are so similar. And as any legit mental health professional with integrity would always rule out the possibility of any physical explanations or complications before diagnosing and treating any mental health issues.

TMI??? There’s a reason for a little self disclosure.

So you may be wondering, “Why is she sharing all this?” Good question, and believe me, I’m not one to be announcing every personal aspect of my life to the public. I only told a few close friends and a couple family members while going through all of this.

The first reason that compelled me to write this blog is to be able to connect with you on a more personal level. I’m just as human as you are. No matter what roles we have during this lifetime, we at times come across stressful situations which can result in anxiety.

Yes, I am an energy worker, providing services to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting positive changes with my clients. And yes I meditate daily, do self-Reiki, and practice with my clients. But the lesson here is that energy workers, yoga instructors & practitioners, people of the healing arts, and mental health clinicians are all human. And as life events take place, stressors may appear, resulting in anxiety. We just happen to have knowledge of how to reduce that anxiety. Now it’s time to put into practice those skills and make our self-care a priority.

The second reason I share this with you is that hopefully you can see that we, the people you look forward to spending your valuable and possibly limited time to assist and guide you with your personal well-being, are no stranger to stress and anxiety. We take an active approach to be positive mentors to guide you with meeting your wellness needs. When you choose a practitioner it should be someone who isn’t “all talk,” but someone who has some experience, knowledge, and wisdom with implementing positive changes in your life.


Many of us find ourselves multi-tasking throughout the day. We need to cut down on this practice. Remember, mindfulness is the key,and believe it or not, it actually helps us become more efficient. When our thoughts (composed of energy) are juggling 5 different tasks at once this slows us down. Sometimes we feel pressured to accomplish everything at once. This is how we run ourselves down, decrease our energy, and add to the pressures which may have already started to build.

Put a stop to this! Know when to say “No” or “Not now,” and be OKAY with setting the boundary.

And YES, it is alright to say no! If you work with multiple people or clients or even family members, be aware of your schedule! Don’t try and cram tasks into a day that really isn’t going to work for you.

NO DOUBLE BOOKING! This is very beneficial especially if you know how long a particular task is going to take you to complete. Also consider breaking down the task into a couple of parts or a few sections, with a potential deadline for each task/section. Sometimes setting up task lists to be completed on particular days can be helpful. This is one area I plan to be more mindful about as I find myself taking care of tasks related to my Reiki practice on same days that I work full time as a mental health clinician. Play around with a schedule to see what works for you. Nothing has to be written in stone.

Prioritize & Time Management

Make a written list and take care of some of the quick tasks during limited times. I prefer writing, as once it’s written down you can let it go mentally! Free up some mental space so you can breathe! Once these tasks are done, cross them off and let them go! They are no longer needed to weigh you down. The larger tasks will be completed when you have a larger chunk of time. Also, rating your task due to the level of importance can help you decide what needs to be addressed first. Also try delegating tasks when possible.

Your Method of Choice to Promote Relaxation

Meditation on a regular basis assists with coping in times of stress. Some people sit once a day for an extended period of time. Some dedicate shorter sessions multiple times throughout a week. I choose to meditate (AKA sit) daily for up to 20 minutes at a time at the start of my day. This helps clear my mind, feel centered, and focused for my day. I’m able to listen more, have delayed impulsive reactions, and think before I speak. My mindset is more positive and I tend not to get caught up in other peoples’ negative conversations or gossip, which results in negative energy. New to meditation? Get my free e-Guide, Quieting the Mind: Learn How to Meditate.

Reiki is a great method of relaxation. It’s good for setting intentions for making changes in one’s life. If you’re a practitioner, I highly recommend self-Reiki. Practicing self-Reiki at bedtime can help reduce any residual or racing thoughts, and reduce negative sleep patterns. Whether you are a practitioner or not, connect with a Reiki practitioner for a session! You can let go and be at peace while the practitioner enfolds you with Reiki.

Other wonderful methods to experiment or try: Massage, Cranial Sacral, and Yoga. Both massage and yoga come in different forms and you can choose the method that is most appealing to you!

I would love to hear your feedback or please share your personal experience if you feel compelled. If you would like a referral for any of the suggested forms of relaxation, contact me!