What are the Chakras?

Integrative Energetic Chakra Balancing®

The chakras are the energy centers lining our central channel (the most center line/column from the crown of our head to the pelvis) that govern our overall functioning. You can read more about the chakras on the blog.

When any of the chakras are under-active or over-active, reduced or enlarged, or dirty, they are considered imbalanced and we may notice difficulties or challenges in life.

Nikki developed this chakra balancing technique combining Reiki, intuitive work, a Donna Eden Energy technique, and use of crystals. These sessions will focus on the 7 main chakras. The practitioner will determine if each chakra is in balance and functioning at its highest potential. Reiki will be applied to balance the chakras; balancing imbalanced chakras and reinforcing the positive functioning chakras.


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