Connecting With Your Soul

Life is a journey. I’ve come to recognize this some years ago. The spiritual aspect of life is an important one to me and I do my best to balance this part of my life along with everyday living which also affects my mind and body. Over the years I have actively taken steps to align myself with my true self; watching what I say, how I speak, speaking only truth or not at all, meditation, noticing my thoughts, eliminating judgment of self and others while making any necessary changes to be a more loving human being.

This last year has been one of many changes. These years of practice to becoming a better person have supported me through the major shifts in my life. It can be difficult to see the bigger picture at work when you’re trying to adjust and shift gears, but God and the universe continue to provide rewards along the way. I have been so blessed with the opportunities that I have experienced and continue to experience. One of those experiences is being connected to a wonderful soulful group of people who took the time to open themselves up and share a sacred part of themselves with the greater world by connecting with your soul.

365 ways to connect with your soulI have to say, when I was younger, I’ve had dreams of writing, however I never knew that I’d actually become an author. I’m grateful for the opportunity that was set before me to join such a wholesome group of 200+ individuals and be a contributor to this heartfelt piece of art. We all have personal experiences we willingly share with you so that you can reconnect with your soul, your true essence, and promote peace within. We call this collection, “365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul”.

It was breath-taking when I received my copies! Seeing the thickness of this book and knowing all the work and going within oneself to fill these pages with stories to guide and support you and your journey. I took a deep breath, opened the book, and opened myself to experience this creation. It leaves you feeling warm inside and I’m looking forward to continue to read more.

You can receive your copy in person at Reiki Pagoda or order it online through Reiki Pagoda’s Amazon aStore.