Okay, so as we have seen, I’m not the most frequent or consistent “blogger.”  When I do share through the blog it’s often preceded by inspiration.  So you may be wondering what has inspired me? Well let me share with you.

A couple times a year I tend to look back to see how Reiki Pagoda has grown and evolved over the years.  This heart-centered practice has always been dedicated to you…yes you.  Those who just love sinking into the warm table to connect with peace.  To assist you with healing in an unconditional loving environment.

It has also been dedicated to all of you who have an interest or an understanding of the energy that we are composed of and want to learn more.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach so many wonderful soulful people who want to bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing to their friends, family, those who are seeking alternative and additional holistic methods, and the community at large.

Reiki Pagoda has grown to be so much more than a practitioner working with a client.  It’s about community! Our community is of like-minded clients and practitioners who recognize the journey whether it is wellness, spiritual, or both.  There is acceptance among each other.

I am dedicated to growing this community to reach far and near. My goal is to support both clients and practitioners. Reiki Pagoda currently supports our clients with providing options of holistic opportunities through direct services, meditation, workshops, classes, and metaphysical/holistic shop.  Reiki Pagoda supports the growth of our practitioners through obtaining more hands-on experience, by allowing Master practitioners to assist with classes, and participating in workshops and classes.

As you may or may not know, the Open Clinic program has been successful! This program originally developed to provide the practitioners certified and/or approved by Reiki Pagoda to obtain more hands-on Reiki experience with public clients.  The practitioners volunteer their time to bring you a session of relaxation and healing at a discounted price.

You wonder “how good” are the practitioners? First, let me say that no matter who works with you, you will get what you need with Reiki.  I can tell you that we haven’t had any disappointed clients.  Many of the clients tip the practitioner (while not expected), some have decided to take classes after sessions with an Open Clinic practitioner, and some have become regular clients.  The bond between everyone has been positive and joyful.

Reiki Pagoda is here to serve you and will continue to evolve supporting you as a client, practitioner, or both. We strive to be a facet in your wellness life style. I am grateful to be a part of your journey. Together we bring more peace and harmony to our world.