Reiki Sessions

Nikki was great! I left so relaxed. I’m glad I had someone drive me there.
– Heather A.

Loved It!

– Gary B.

Nikki is an amazing healer. The atmosphere was calming and comfortable. I would recommend her services to anyone. I can’t wait to go back!

– Kari S.

What an amazing first full Reiki experience! I feel wonderful! Thank you!


– Jessica P.

Experienced an hour Reiki session. Very friendly, felt comfortable and relaxed from the minute I walked in the door. Before I made the appointment she even directed me where I could get a half off coupon, which I thought went well above and beyond. Definitely have recommended her to others.


– Cherie F.

I recently visited the Cleveland area, and had heard about Reiki by Nikki. I’ve been dealing with some issues with stress, and suffering from some pretty severe lower back problems. I tried spinal decompression for my back prior to my trip to Cleveland, but was still suffering from the pain when I arrived. I talked to Nikki about trying Reiki, and after she explained how it worked, I decided to give it a try.


The first session was incredible. It was so calming and relaxing that I did another session a few days later. Again, the calming effect was awesome. I found myself looking at stressful issues in a whole new way, and felt the positive energy replacing the negative energy contributing to that stress. Also, when I returned home to Texas a few days later my back pain was completely gone. Again, I believe the positive energy of Reiki allowed my back to heal.


– Doris F.

I have been going through a major transition in my life and I’ve been under a lot of stress. Despite making an increased effort to live a healthy life style and take care of myself, the stress was getting to me and I was feeling way off balance. Even with meditation and talk therapy I was still feeling really stressed out, anxious and exhausted. It was all really taking a toll on me. I knew a little about reiki and I thought I’d give it a try. I did some searching and found Nikki’s web site. I was impressed so I made an appointment. All I can say is that I’m so grateful to have found her, she’s one in a million!


Nikki is wonderful and she makes you feel comfortable right away. She has a calming, healing spirit and she truly is there to help you feel better. Since I’ve been getting reiki on a regular basis I’ve felt so much better. I feel much more balanced, calm and I even feel like I am thinking more clearly. I feel more like myself and more centered. It’s like she’s helped to remove tension and blocks that were really effecting how I was dealing with life. It might not be magic but it feels magical! I recommend Nikki to everyone. Whether you have physical problems or are just dealing with everyday life stresses, reiki by Nikki can really make a difference for you!


– G. Nemcek

I have a physical problem that has altered my lifestyle.  As a result, I have been coping with physical and psychological stress.  I have been fortunate to experience the healing, peaceful benefits of Reiki administered by Nikki Ackerman.  During the sessions, I block out stressful thoughts. I become totally relaxed and drift into a serene state of mind.  I highly recommend Nikki Ackerman, she conveys a soothing energy during the session that creates a sense of well being.  My sessions with Nikki have greatly improved my overall condition.


– Toni Ritchey

I received a Reiki session from Nikki to help with stress and anxiety during an overwhelming period in my life.  I wasn’t sure what to expect during the session, but Nikki made me feel very relaxed and comfortable by explaining what she would be doing.  It was such a calming experience for me.  Nikki addressed some stressful triggers I was dealing with through both discussion and energy work.  She’s an intuitive person who is very good at what she does, treating her clients with much understanding, honor, and respect.


– C. McManus

Chakra Balancing

I found my chakra balancing session with Nikki to be very relaxing.  Nikki’s therapy room is very comfortable and therapeutic.  During the session I feel as though I am on a cloud and away from all the distractions of everyday busy life.  After the session I felt so refreshed and like a lot of my stress and tension had lifted off of me.  A couple of hours later I went with my hiking group and even found my stamina had increased from when I had gone on previous hikes.  Highly recommend!


– Julie

I’ve been receiving reiki from Nikki for almost 2 years now and I’ve had wonderful results.  I continue feeling more calm and centered and I feel I have more clarity because I am more at ease.  I also cope with stress much easier than ever before.  Making it a regular practice was a great move for me.  Aside from that it’s just so relaxing!  I really look forward to it because I know that I’m doing something good for my mind and body with all of the healing benefits that come along with it.


Recently I decided to try Nikki’s new service, Chakra Balancing.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really loved it!  It’s also a very relaxing experience, just like what I was use to in a regular reiki session but it was more focused and intensified with an emphasis on each chakra.  Afterwards I felt so energized, clear, calm and even more centered.  I was really happy with it, I’m so glad I tried it and I plan on continuing receiving Chakra Balancing along with my regular reiki sessions in the future.  Nikki has such  great energy about her and she makes you feel very comfortable.  She explains the process really clearly, answers any questions you may have and also likes to hear your feedback.  I  have a lot of trust in Nikki and her ability.  She really cares about  her clients and that they have a great experience!


– G. Nemcek

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki testimonialNikki put my business on her Distance Reiki board several months ago and I have noticed a huge difference, I am able to move past my tendency for perfection and procrastination. Thank you Nikki, I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my biz!!


– Shannon

Distance Reiki testimonialI just found out that I’ve been on Nikki’s Distance Reiki board for the past 2 months…That explains everything!!!


My business is BOOMING like it never has before! I have so much work coming in right now that I have to turn people away, or schedule their projects for the coming months. I now have guaranteed work through the end of the year. Amazing.


Yep, Distance Reiki totally works! Imagine how much it can help you when Nikki does a session in person! Go see Nikki!!


– Catherine