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Quieting the Mind: Learn How to Meditate e-Guide by Nikki Ackerman, RMT
Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or a head full of racing thoughts?

Do you feel like you never have any time to take a break?

Have you ever tried meditation, but found it too difficult to sit still and relax?

I have something that will help you create a healthy & blissful daily meditation practice…and all you need is 5 minutes a day!

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You can learn to meditate

In this guide, I teach you how to prepare and dedicate your meditation practice before walking you through the simple steps to ease yourself into a quiet, meditative state. You’ll soon find out that it’s easier than you think to meditate every single day, even if it’s as little as 5 minutes! You’ll also find that the more you meditate, the less your mind will be racing.

My own experience with meditation has aided and benefited my overall well-being. As a social worker with often very demanding work, my meditation practice has been a godsend. When I meditate, it is a very spiritual experience for me, as well as a mentally, emotionally and physically relaxing one.

I know that finding some quiet time to meditate just 5 minutes a day will do wonders for you. So please read and enjoy this guide, and try to practice it every day.

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