Gently Releasing Ego to Experience Pleasure by Nikki Ackerman

How often do you wake up feeling at ease and with a sense of overall comfort and joy? Do you wake up with your mind cranking out thoughts and trying to get yourself together, or are able to take a breath and experience the moment?

We get so caught up in the a situation and think “What I need to do,” and oftentimes with a bit of negativity attached to it as we put a time restraint – creating pressure on ourselves.

This can carry over to daily responsibilities. “I need to get ready for work…I need to feed the kids…Have to get them ready for school, What appointments or meetings do I have today, etc…”.

What happened to experiencing things in the moment and knowing all will be well as it most usually is? This came to mind as one morning as I awoke and felt a sense of ease and joy as I took my first waking breath. I noticed I was smiling and felt content. What a wonderful way to start the day!

It’s Our World

Many of us tend to think in terms of our life from the perception of “me” and that the world we experience is a result from the power of “I” as if “we are the one and only.” While we have some control (our thoughts which lead to experience) everyone and everything is interconnected. Oh how we forget such a concept when our ego pulls us back into “my world” forgetting that it’s “our world.” Our thoughts and experiences have a ripple effect on the greater whole and many times we don’t realize this effect. It can be quite humorous when we sit and think about it, because in actuality it’s “our experience”, a collective on a broader scale.

Something much more than just us as individuals

Reiki is a great teacher and can bring about enlightening moments for many. One of the very most important aspects that I teach students and newer practitioners is that when we do Reiki treatments or sessions with others, it’s not us doing the work or our energy making the difference. It is not our energy that is bringing healing and blessings to others. It is the energy of the Source. We are simply the conduit connecting something much greater and powerful than our individual selves. We are a part of a greater whole, sharing love, peace, and joy with all.

The name Reiki as defined, the “Universal” (Rei) “Life Force energy” (ki),  is what brings about healing and blessings. In other words, when we practice Reiki, we allow ourselves to connect to something much greater. We as individuals step aside and open ourselves up to receive and allow Reiki to move through us to others.

This is an example from the perspective of a practitioner. You do not have to be a Reiki practitioner to implement the same concept. Even those receiving Reiki or the everyday person can adhere to letting go to allow the Source, God, the Great Spirit – whatever name you have for it – by allowing more positive thoughts, and being receptive of that greater Being or the Universe to provide you that which you are in need of receiving.

The key is letting go and having faith. Knowing and believing that you can step aside and allow something much greater than yourself or the practitioner, to provide you with all that you need.

Stop, breathe, release, and trust

As we practice and experience this concept, we begin to carry it into all areas of our daily lives. It’s so easy to get caught up in ego when we experience difficulties or stress. When we begin to experience these negative moments it’s best to take a moment to breathe a few slow, deep breaths to bring us back into the moment and gently remind ourselves that we are not alone. We are loved, supported, and if we’re receptive to intuition, we are guided through these moments.

Give thanks, even during your most difficult time, to whomever you identify as your higher power and/or if you feel you have connections to spiritual beings such as saints, angels or guides. This will help you release burdens while gaining a stronger connection with your spiritual life.

The more we practice, accept, trust, and realize the power of the Universe, God, the Great Spirit, the more at ease, encouraged, empowered, and supported we become by being enlightened to the interconnection of all that which is life. We begin to experience pleasure! We begin to experience more of these moments, and more periodically. They increase in frequency to the point of being able to experience them throughout each and every day.

Assistance through Reiki

Receiving Reiki on a regular basis, evenly monthly, can assist with experiencing this powerful growth as you set your mind and ego aside to allow for the best to engulf you in love and light.

Practicing Reiki on a regular basis is also another avenue for directly putting our egos aside and move out of the way so that Reiki can allow something greater to move through us.

We, along with whomever we are working with, receive the loving benefits the Source has to offer. The more often you receive and your willingness to let go and accept the blessing bestowed, the more beneficial your experience and transformation will be.