There was a time, many years ago, when stores and businesses were run by individuals and families.  You were greeted by friendly owners and staff.  And they knew you!  They didn’t only know about your “buying style,” but you as a person and your life.

So much has changed since those days, since the development of chain stores and technology.  It has taken away from the relationship we as business owners have with you, our customers and clients, as well as being a customer or client myself to other businesses.  I see this in my own life as I have grown accustomed to chain retailers and online shopping when my time is limited.

Quite honestly, I love the relationship and interaction with the smaller businesses.

I have had the wonderful experience of being greeted and engaged in conversation by staff at local retailers and service providers where I go regularly that are independently run and operated.  There are the friendly smiles and brightness in their eyes when stop in.

When you find yourself going to these places frequently or over a period of years, there is something about having this acquaintance and recognition with others.  There is a two-way sense of belonging, friendly bond, and loyalty towards one another.  This makes me think of how it must have been during “the good ole days.”

This creates roots.  This develops a community.

This is the foundation that is continuously being created for Reiki Pagoda.  My motivation and inspiration are to create a practice that enhances your mind, body, and spirit for overall well-being, growth, and personal enrichment and enlightenment.

Building trusting relationships is essential.

It is important to me as a practitioner as well as a business owner to getting to know you and what you desire to achieve by working together.  Working with you, with authenticity and integrity, it’s important for me to learn about YOU, your needs and results you are looking for.

Reiki Pagoda provides a space for like-minded people looking to grow within and become confident with regaining control of our wellness through holistic and alternative services and education.  In doing so, together we build a trusting, long-lasting, and evolving community for all.

I invite you to share by commenting what is important to you when it comes to you developing and maintaining a strong mind, body, and spirit.