Interview with Nikki

Grab yourself a cup of tea.  This interview was created to answer many of your questions.

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Reiki and holistic wellness Expert? 

I have been interested and intrigued by holistic integrative care for many years.  This approach is blending complementary/alternative care (holistic practices) with conventional medical practice.

I was initially certified in Reiki in 2009 and fell in love with this modality.  I obtained experience by volunteering on a regular basis at a local Reiki clinic for approximately 3 months.  After that I decided to start a private practice seeing clients professionally in their homes.  Since I have opened an office to provide a tranquil serene environment for healing to take place.

I have had the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages, children, adults, and older adults.  I have worked with individuals who requested healing services after discharge from a hospital for continuity of care, while in a nursing facility undergoing rehab, to comfort/assist children with Autism, to reduce pain, people recovering from addiction, for stress relief, for pain reduction, as well as to maintain mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

I also have been teaching Reiki since 2010.  I have certified a number of individuals as Reiki practitioners at various levels and Reiki masters.  I have also continued learning other modalities including Donna Eden Energy Medicine techniques, AromaTouch®, and Ayurvedic techniques.

I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, the International Center for Reiki Training Associations, and the American Holistic Health Association.  Reiki Pagoda has been growing to incorporate additional modalities as the synergy of multiple modalities aids in wellness.  As a result, Reiki Pagoda has a small group of practitioners.

Who are your clients exactly? 

Our clients are people who take an active approach to obtaining wellness.  Our clients are looking for improvements and maintaining their well-being through a wholistic approach.  We see people as a whole; the mind, body, and spirit, rather than focuses on a particular ailment/illness and treating them individually.  Our clients are open minded and may seeking a holistic approach that is complimentary to conventional care as an additional form of treatment to the mind, body, and spirit.  We have worked with a number of people who to/for:

  • balance energy
  • enhance spiritual support
  • emotional support
  • grief support
  • increase concentration
  • increase energy levels
  • increase patience
  • increase self-control
  • increase stamina
  • lower/maintain blood pressure
  • pain reduction & management
  • recovery from addiction
  • reduce anxiety
  • reduce blood pressure
  • reduce headaches/migraines
  • reduce insomnia
  • reduce swelling
  • stress relief & management
  • supports caregivers
  • and many other reasons

What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my situation? 

Having worked with numerous clients with a wide scope of issues or wellness enhancement, most likely I have.  However if I haven’t, you’re not at a disadvantage and here is why; people are composed of more than just the physical body.  There is an energetic body that surrounds and encompasses all living beings which includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.  We treat people as “a whole” not only focused on the ailment/illness that may be limiting them.  We work to improve the mind, body, and spirit.

When we remove blockages and have a balanced flow of energy there is less dis-ease (lack of balance or ease) affecting our well-being.  What clients have found by receiving regular sessions that over time their initial complaint/symptoms have reduced or were eliminated and enhanced their wellness.  People have reported an improvement with how they feel, mental clarity, less emotionally distressed, and unification to their spiritual belief system.

How are you different from other Reiki and holistic practices? 

I hold a master’s degree in social work and have experience working with people in different ages, stages of life, ethnicities, and social classes.  The values and ethics of the field are important to me and apply them to Reiki Pagoda.  At Reiki Pagoda we value our clients, meet them where they are at on their path in life, and care about their well-being.

As a practitioner I, as well as our team at Reiki Pagoda, take the time to understand and get to know our clients.  We (you and us) work together utilizing holistic modalities that assist with improving their health and maintaining mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

As a Reiki master/teacher I strongly believe in supporting the practitioners that I have certified.  I have developed a program which allows the practitioners to obtain additional hands-on experience while the client or recipient receives a discounted session.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me? 

I opened Reiki Pagoda to serve those who are looking for alternative or holistic methods to assist with healing and wellness that are also compatible with conventional professional care.  Having gone through health issues myself, I know what it’s like to want safe, non-invasive methods, and support to help me regain a sense of freedom from dis-ease and enjoying life.

We want you to thrive as much as you want to thrive.  We expect that you make wellness a priority and incorporate any changes that would benefit you.

For what type of person is this program NOT going to work? 

Please know that I’m very selective with who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for this practice and won’t get the results they would expect.

This practice is not for someone who is wanting a “quick fix,” like “popping a pill,” to feel better.  While clients report reduced symptoms and feeling “good” after one session, it is the accumulative effect that facilitates changes with wellness. Once there is improvement we work on wellness maintenance.

What exactly is Reiki and holistic wellness and what does it include? 

Experiencing wellness is not just obtaining “a clean bill of health” from your doctor or medical professional.  It includes your level of energy, motivation, stamina, sleep, diet, sense of divine connection, and more.

Being a holistic practitioner, I recognize that people are made up of mind, body, and spiritual components that complete the whole being, hence a wholistic view.  We do not diagnose.  We simply take an inventory of what’s working and what’s not. When we are not functioning at our highest potential there is a disruption with the flow of energy that can affect the mind, physical body, or spirit.  If you have been diagnosed with an ailment by a medical professional we can work with you and them as a team to facilitate wellness.

There are a number of holistic modalities that create balance between the mind, body, spirit components.  Holistic modalities are alternative approaches to conventional medical treatment.  Reiki Pagoda offers a few of those modalities; Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, AromaTouch®, Access Bars®, meditation, as well as classes and workshops.

When we combine multiple modalities there is a synergy that aides in the healing process and wellness.  Multiple modalities may be combine in one session.

Does this really work? 

Yes.  Other than hearing client’s reports of how they improved, research has been conducted with holistic approaches.  People see progress when utilized over time to have an accumulative effect rather than one session or one session from time to time.  One comparative would be from a disease model perspective, is that if a person with depression starts an anti-depressant medication, it takes time for the medication to build up in the body before results are noticed.  Using a holistic approach (whether added to conventional practice or not) will have a more noticeable effect over time.

What results can I expect? 

You will obtain a sense of relaxation, calm, and rejuvenation while reducing pain, stress, etc.

You may gain an overall sense of peace.

You may gain more patience, be less reactive/impulsive, and things that were once bothersome may no longer effect you.

You will be empowered to assume greater responsibility for your self-care.

This approach may nurture intuitive and spiritual awareness.

You will obtain a greater ability to manage and maintain wellness.

How quickly can I expect results? 

Timing of results may vary depending on the overall status of your wellness. Your motivation and participation will impact how and when results take place.  Many people feel some degree of relief after a session, however for overall improvement it is recommended that you receive multiple sessions for progress and lasting results.  Once progress has been made you will have begun to develop lifestyle changes that will promote the continuation of wellness.

How can I guarantee myself that I will get the results, in record time? 

First and foremost, make your wellness a priority.  To continue taking care of others and your responsibilities, you have to be doing well yourself.  Be committed to your plan of care.  This is not a “quick fix,” and it takes time to develop a lifestyle change that will work for you.  These holistic modalities assist with changing the mindset; aiding in making better choices as well as not being affected by negative reactions around you along with other mental/emotional and physical benefits.  Your dedication to wellness will determine how soon you see results.  My clients that have continued with the plan have seen results.

Will I recover the investment I put into this approach to wellness?

According to the article, “Wholistic Integrative Care,” by Daniel J Benor, MD, with the American Holistic Health Association, he informs, “Several surveys have shown that just about as many dollars are paid (out of pocket) for complimentary therapies as are paid (mostly out of insurance) for conventional medical care.”

It’s hard to put a dollar figure on wellness.  Wellness is defined by our functioning.  By incorporating holistic approaches into our lifestyle we are less susceptible to become ill or experiencing dis-ease.  If we do experience dis-ease we have an increased chance of regaining our wellness quicker resulting in less spending to become well again.  Overtime, you will decrease the number of dollars spent with office visits, whether conventional or holistic, while possibly reducing the need of medications/remedies.  Our goal is to reduce dis-ease and to maintain wellness.

How will we work together and what does it entail? 

If accepted, we will discuss what level of care is needed and the package that would best serve you. You will receive total support from myself and the Reiki Pagoda team.  We offer a variety of modalities.  We will discuss your needs and the modalities offered and which package the will best meet your needs.  I or the another Reiki Pagoda staff will work with you one on one facilitating the sessions while you rest, relax, and recuperate.  We are available via email and phone if you have any questions or concerns between sessions.

How long do we work together? 

Based on my personal and professional experience working with others to obtain wellness and reduction of negative symptoms, or dis-ease, multiple sessions are needed.  The program depends on your current level of wellness and the progress you make with increasing your wellness and functioning.  We will re-evaluate your wellness status towards the end of the package to determine your next step.

Do people ever continue after the initial package?  

Yes.  There are a few scenarios; 1) the client is fascinated with Reiki and wants to become a practitioner him/herself and 2) after a period of maintenance they may experience something that affects their wellness and returns, or 3) the client enjoys the holistic sessions and continues to maintain their wellness and guaranteeing sessions by purchasing packages.

Reiki Pagoda offers Reiki practitioner and Master/Teacher classes.  Each level the student learns additional techniques associated with increased frequency of energy.  This in itself has benefited individuals with positive changes and spiritual growth in their lives.

Some clients return after a period of time where they have been doing very well and will receive sessions monthly or quarterly for maintenance. However as life goes on things happen that will affect our well-being.  We meet again, develop a plan to improve wellness, and continue the process to obtain positive results.

What’s the investment? 

We currently have 4 options from you to choose from, depending on how quickly you want results and your level of wellness you are wanting to obtain.  This program is to assist you with regaining control with your wellness enhance your autonomy with self-care.

Packages provides you with additional therapeutic components to your session at no additional charge.  The packages are good for 6 months.

The Restore Package

10 – 60 minute sessions
An Intensive value for those with intensive needs!
The Restore Package is for individuals who need access to frequent, on-going treatment to help them address chronic or persistent issues or an intensely active lifestyle that demands regular relief.  Increase your success at managing the incredible pressures of your life, by having that special one-hour just to yourself, while the session relieves and soothes you and restores your energy.  The Restore Package enables you to have a session 1 – 2 times a week (2 months) your choice of Reiki, Chakra Balancing, or AromaTouch.®

Includes: Himalayan salt stone therapy, hot grounding hematite crystal therapy, and aromatherapy

The Refresh Package

6 – 60 minute sessions
If you have a tendency towards stress, pain, or other conditions that “act up” periodically if not attended to, recently had an acute condition that is no longer actively bothering you, or simply want to maintain wellness, then the Refresh Package is for you.  This is for anyone who wants to have a guaranteed, pre-scheduled session, 1 – 2 times a week (1 month) your choice of Reiki, Chakra Balancing, or AromaTouch.®

Includes: Hot Himalayan stone therapy, and aromatherapy

The Relax Package

3 – 60 minute sessions
Use your Relax sessions once a month or whenever you need them: before or after a special occasion, trip, athletic event, or school exam; or prior/after undertaking a medical procedure, audition, or job interview.  When you most need an hour of relaxation, a session is waiting for you. This is for anyone who wants a guaranteed, pre-scheduled session, once a month for 3 months or more often. Your choice of Reiki, Chakra Balancing, or AromaTouch.®

Includes: Aromatherapy

The Rejuvenate Package

4 – 60 minute sessions
This package is similar to the Refresh Package.  This package helps you maintain wellness while enjoying 1 of 4 different sessions each time you schedule.

Which option do you think suits you best?  And if you were to do this, when would you ideally want to start? Schedule your consultation call.

Do you offer discount and do you accept credit cards? 

Yes.  When you purchase a package you pay less than the cost of an individual session PLUS have additional therapeutic components added to each session at no additional charge.  Reiki Pagoda accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

OK, I know which package I want. How do we get started? 

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that successful people take action?  Yes, they make a mistake (we all do), but overwhelmingly they are decisive, they have that gut feeling, know what’s best for themselves, and take action.  So that being said, since this feels right for you, then go for it.

Here’s what you do:  Give me a call at 440-549-0081 or email me at and let me know which program will work best or you in terms of the results you want.

We will set up a day and time to start our wellness work together and you will receive a welcome packet over email.

I look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey.  Having a thriving wellbeing creates all-around healthier lifestyle including relationships, family, and work life.

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me? 

Try a Reiki session with diffused aromatherapy and hematite crystal therapy to experience the serenity and initial effects of relaxation and stress relief.  It’s priced to break even ($70).  You will have the opportunity to get a feel for how we work with clients.  And if you like what you experience during this session, imagine how you will feel by receiving regular sessions.

Many clients have shared that they feel that the service is worth much more!

I have a family and a busy life. Although I want to feel better, I don’t have much time to spare. How much time do I need? 

I understand your time is very important and so is your wellness.  The staff here at Reiki Pagoda, find our lives busy as well, but also understand the importance of self-care.   If you can even spare a couple hours a week, you will be able to take one tiny step forward to empowering yourself.  This time is for you.  By taking care of you, you will be in a better space mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to take care of everything and everyone else.  There is a reason why you are here at this moment and we are here to support you.

OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions.  Can I call you? 

Absolutely.  You may contact me by calling 440-549-0081 to answer a couple of questions or email me at