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Are you curious to explore who you are deep within and how limiting beliefs may be affecting your achievement of goals? Are you ready to make a commitment to facilitate change in your life?  We can guide and support you in Making the Best Use of Your Time, Acceptance, Values and Affirmations, Dream Building, and Timeline Work.

What is Core Alignment Coaching?

Core Alignment Coaching is motivational, solution focused, and outcome oriented. It is based on the premise that we are all perfect, creative, resourceful and making the best decisions we can with the information we have right now. Our past experiences affect our present situations and influence our future choices. This approach can help you resolve past conflicts and limiting beliefs that keep you spinning in the same circles and patterns that keep you stuck, enabling you to overcome what’s been holding you back.

You will gain more awareness and clarity while discovering tools to keep you focused and moving towards what you really want in your life. Through the coaching process you will begin to accept the past, become aware of the present, awaken to the future, and align with your core truth and purpose to make resourceful choices that keep you moving forward and happy. Core Alignment uses processes and tools in association, disassociation, and visualization, making coaching really fun and easy. It’s simple…one conversation at a time.

How Core Alignment Coaching works

The process combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Wisdom Training (EMT). NLP is the programming of our neurons from our language we use and EMT is learning how we can respond wisely to our emotions based on what is real and true instead of reacting to them. The language we use affects our beliefs, patterns, and our behavior. Our behavior in turn is heavily based on our emotions and how we respond.

Emotions come and go and are usually not actually based on what is really affecting us in the here and now. Once recognized, we can reorganize and reprogram our language and belief system to support us in a more resourceful way.

Intentions and NLP Principals

Make the best use of your time and your clients’ time by solving the conflicts that exist between the subconscious and unconscious arenas. Transform the relationship with time from the inside out, as awareness and acceptance align and awaken the possibilities for change.

The core principals of Core Alignment Training and Neuro linguistic Process Coaching are standing in the position and recognizing everyone as whole, perfect, creative, resourceful and making the best decisions with the information they currently have; and that it is our place as coaches to support the gathering and accessing of internal information.

5 – Steps to Success

Core Alignment NLP Coaching Processes and Tools creates awareness and acceptance to align clients so they can awaken to responding in a more resourceful way. These transformational conversations will take you and your clients through steps that easily lead to success. Creating clarity, setting intentions, gaining assistance, removing resistance, stepping into purpose, recognizing core values and stating what is truly important at the core level, leads to achieving more of what is really wanted.

This course creates neuron paths that reprogram people to live a life that is in alignment with their core purpose, and thus an attitude of gratitude naturally evolves in their lives within their careers and relationships. Using scripts that have been carefully constructed in applying the principals of Neuro Linguistic Programming, makes this course applicable for beginning and advanced coaches who are ready to assist clients to step into more of what they want, and show up more masterfully in their lives.

Emotional Wisdom Training

During this Neuro Linguistic Program course, you and your client will dive deep into the core of who you really are and what is truly possible when the conscious, subconscious and unconscious align. Through this information there will come an awareness of the conflicts that are running under the surface that tend to create obstacles to our manifestation. When we move from awareness to acceptance then we all awaken to more of what is really possible. There will be neuron paths created that will override the programming which life’s events, incidents and accidents have installed from our feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Accessing and becoming more familiar with our subconscious guards and gatekeepers will shift what has limited us, into what was designed to motivate us. The values that drive us are brought to the surface, and our ability to express ourselves with more clarity, convinces us that what we want is really possible. Then, with focus, we continue to move toward mastery with ease and grace. As coach or as client, the resourcefulness gathered really will make a very big difference as we train ourselves to respond to our emotions from a wiser place.
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Choosing the best program for you

Each session can be conducted either in-person or via phone. Programs are a 10-week course of consisting of an 1 hour session. Gina, is available between sessions via email for additional support free of cost.

Making the Best Use of Your Time (Core NPL Principals)
10 week program

Intention Focus/Core Alignment and Emotional Wisdom Training
10 week program

Core Alignment Dream Building/Business Building
10 week program

Core Alignment Processes & Tools/Awareness – Getting to the Core of Who You Really Are and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
10 week program

A Firm Action Process
10 week program

The Wizard Process
6 week program

Schedule a free consultation to discuss which program would be best for you.

Rates for Life Coaching Sessions

$50 per session.  Additional support through email is offered at no charge between sessions.

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