Our focus is on ensuring you receive the most benefit of healing and self-care.  Complimentary alternative modalities, such as energy/body work, has an accumulative effect.  We suggest reviewing our Plans or calling to schedule a Get Acquainted Call to discuss your needs.

Plans include Reiki, AromaTouch®, and Chakra Balancing sessions that are approximately 60 minutes in duration


Restore Plan

8 Sessions

The Restore Plan is for individuals who need access to frequent, on-going treatment to help them address chronic or persistent issues or an intensely active lifestyle that demands regular relief.  Increase your success at managing the incredible pressures of your life, by having that special one-hour just to yourself, while the session relieves and soothes you and restores your energy.

Recommendation: 1 -2 sessions per week


4 Sessions

The Refresh Plan is for individuals who are prone to stress and may affect how one thinks or feels negatively.  This plan is beneficial for those who have conditions that “act-up” periodically.   This plan is also a great step-down plan for those who have improved after the Restore plan.

Recommendation:  1 session every week or every other week


2 Sessions

Relaxation is the key to healing and maintaining wellness.  This plan is a great plan to maintain self-care as well as preparing for an event, test, procedure, etc.  This is a great step-down plan for those who were on the Refresh Plan and would like to maintain that foundation that has been created.

Recommendation: 1 session per month

See a package that would best suit you? Contact Nikki for more information.