365 Moments of Grace: Volume 2




In this book, over 250 beautiful souls – including bestselling authors Jodi Chapman, Dan Teck, Arielle Ford, Kristine Carlson, and Christine Arylo – each share a moment of grace they’ve personally experienced with the hopes of inspiring you to open to grace in your own life!

The 365 unique miracles shared in these pages include:

  • near-death experiences
  • Communicating with loved ones on the other side
  • healing from illness
  • a-ha moments
  • signs from the universe, and so much more!

While the experiences themselves vary greatly, each of these moments transformed the authors and connected them to something much bigger than themselves. These true-life stories (one page each – for quick inspiration!) were written with love and infused with the intention that you’ll be on the lookout for moments of grace to show up in your own life…and that you’ll be open to receiving them when they do!


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