What does receiving Reiki mean to you? There are many reasons to incorporate Reiki into your life.  Reiki is more than just a “spa service” that you receive to pamper yourself once or twice a year or when you “feel”  you deserve something nice!

Reiki is something we do to maintain wellness of the mind, body, and soul. 

Some go to a gym after work, eat healthy foods, and enjoy participating in activities for a well-rounded lifestyle to maintain their well-being. Reiki is another activity, if you will, that aids to our wellness.

Reiki is a great way to slow down especially with today’s busy life style.  Today’s world is fast paced, overstimulated, and  seems to thrive on attitude of immediate gratification even though this has impacted our society’s wellness.  Even going to the gym to workout, which is helpful in relieving stress and maintain our physical bodies, we are not allowing the mind and body to rest and furthermore develop a more supported immune system.  We also need to disengage the mind and body for restoration preventing deterioration.

Reiki can be very meditative, which meditation has shown to be very productive in lowering and maintain stress levels, having a positive effect on our physical health, as well as living a longer life.

It allows our bodies to relax, restore, and heal. 

When we are able to establish 20-30 minutes a day to allow our bodies to release the stresses and toxic exposures of our environment, we are able to ward off illnesses with more ease and recover quicker.  Imagine what a weekly or bi-weekly Reiki session or monthly maintenance could do!

Why Reiki?

Reiki is beginning to become more recognized and has been integrated into hospitals’ integrative therapies. According to the IARP Times, “Reiki and 2017 Wellness Trends,” published by the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, more than 1.2 Americans have tried Reiki once. This article also shares how there is an on-going wellness movement that continues to grow.

Reiki goes beyond pampering and experiencing that soft warm touch that soothes us.  Yes, it is a wonderful holistic alternative for healing and it’s a great practice to supporting our mind, body, and soul for continued optimal health and wellness. Incorporate Reiki in your life today!

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