These have been some incredible times that we have been going through.  It has shifted many of us with our routines and our experiences.  Some of us have become more mindful and some have rampant thoughts of fear.

There is no judgement.  Our experiences are a personal part of us and we all have different perspectives as well as different programming set in our minds as to best protect ourselves.

I have observed a lot over the last month or so and have noticed some are reacting out of fear and others are simply taking precautions and adjusting the best they can due to the changes that have been created.

I felt guided to share with you how this time can help us reunite as one

During times of tragedy many slow down and focus on loving and nurturing those close to them or who are involved.

This result reminds me of my time when I was heavily into Buddhist teachings, that everything is interconnected; when something happens that we perceive as a horrible experience, what comes next is a blessing.

I am not sure how each of you who are reading this are experiencing life during the time of this pandemic.  I can only speak for myself.   I never have experienced the fear that I hear and see of others during this time.  I don’t know why that is.

I didn’t like that people were becoming infected and dying at such high frequent rates.  Maybe my perspective and resiliency is different as I have been working mental health crisis for over 9 years and to me, this is just another crisis.

I’m used to being in crisis situations, so out of concern I decided to take personal precautions.  Now this isn’t always easy as I still do crisis work very part time.  It is a front-line essential job, however I continue to be mindful of the environment and my staff.

Social distancing is important.  I have transitioned my other therapy job to telehealth and I have temporarily stopped seeing clients in-person with this holistic practice.  While all this was taking place, I have been involved with an ill family member.  As you may see, I tend to be a busy person, but this pandemic turned into an opportunity for me.

Initially, I will admit that I was reactive, in that I had to implement changes very quickly with how I would continue to meet the needs of my therapy clients and with the other part time job.  I honestly was not happy with placing my holistic practice on hold.

However, now that the other two jobs are where they need to be, I started to reflect on my holistic practice and meeting the needs of those especially during this time.  This has provided me the opportunity to be a better holistic practitioner by refocusing and turning within.

You may be wondering how this can help us reunite as one

Let me share with you my experience.  Maybe something will resonate with you and you will be able to take something away to bring more hope and/or support into your experience.

The last month or so, my interaction with this holistic practice has been limited, almost like an unintentional sabbatical.  As some of you may know, I have been learning to balance my time between work, family, friends, spirituality, and hobbies over the years.

I have been blessed with recognizing that each moment we have choices as what we can do with each moment.  Spirituality and family became my priority.

Getting in touch within

I truly believe in a being that resides within all of us, that is much greater than us, and that is of unconditional love.  Many refer to this as God, Source, the Universe.  This is an energy or being that only wants the best for us.

When we take the time to connect within to God, just be present, and observe, we tap into peace, love, and joy.  It is alright to feel these experiences, especially now.  When we take the time to be open to experiencing these positive feelings, it radiates as waves from within all around us.

We fill our environment, near and far, with the essence of our true being.  This brings hope and peace.  This will help unite us, help us evolve, and transition to what our new normal with daily life.

Family & loved ones

Staying connected with family and loved ones can bring about support and hope.  If you have a house full of family, this is a great opportunity to learn about each other again.  This may be a time of learning new boundaries, roles, and connectedness.

Creating more time together to doing things enjoyable such as working as a team to create dinner.   Take the time for each person to share what they are grateful or appreciate for that day.  Spend time working on hobbies or playing games together.  This is the time to bring out the best in one another.

If you reside alone connect with family and loved ones.  This time can make the heart grow founder for when we are able to spend time together again be even more meaningful.

Some may be residing with a significant other.  This provides an opportunity as well.  You may find ways to get to know each other again and create new memories and implement some dream-sharing.  On the other hand, for those who have been struggling in a relationship for some time and have been trying to move on, this may be providing you the loving opportunity to do so.

No matter your living situation, have faith and trust.  Expect that all is well and everything is working out in your best interest.

Be easy on yourself

There may be a lot of thoughts going through your mind at this time.  That can be expected.  Life is quite different now.  If you begin to feel guilty or experiencing negative thoughts about something, give yourself permission to be able to just be.  We are treading new waters.

What we have learned and experienced up to now is what may have worked in the past but may no longer feasible for how life is transitioning.  We will be experiencing a new reality.

You may be wondering, what’s next?  While this is a common reaction and question, as we all wonder what is going to be the result of all this, I would like to gently remind you to focus on the here and now.

What will you do in this moment right now?

This is the time to respect where you are at in this moment, to nurture and love yourself.  Take this attitude towards others; your family, loved ones, neighbors, and strangers alike.

Taking the opportunity and planting the seeds in this very moment and each moment with what you do want, love, peace, security, etc., will influence your future and life as you know it.

This will set a positive foundation for reuniting one another.

Love and blessings.