Reiki Session Testimonials

I recently visited the Cleveland area, and had heard about Reiki by Nikki. I’ve been dealing with some issues with stress, and suffering from some pretty severe lower back problems. I tried spinal decompression for my back prior to my trip to Cleveland, but was still suffering from the pain when I arrived. I talked to Nikki about trying Reiki, and after she explained how it worked, I decided to give it a try.


The first session was incredible. It was so calming and relaxing that I did another session a few days later. Again, the calming effect was awesome. I found myself looking at stressful issues in a whole new way, and felt the positive energy replacing the negative energy contributing to that stress. Also, when I returned home to Texas a few days later my back pain was completely gone. Again, I believe the positive energy of Reiki allowed my back to heal.


– Doris F.

I have been going through a major transition in my life and I’ve been under a lot of stress. Despite making an increased effort to live a healthy life style and take care of myself, the stress was getting to me and I was feeling way off balance. Even with meditation and talk therapy I was still feeling really stressed out, anxious and exhausted. It was all really taking a toll on me. I knew a little about reiki and I thought I’d give it a try. I did some searching and found Nikki’s web site. I was impressed so I made an appointment. All I can say is that I’m so grateful to have found her, she’s one in a million!


Nikki is wonderful and she makes you feel comfortable right away. She has a calming, healing spirit and she truly is there to help you feel better. Since I’ve been getting reiki on a regular basis I’ve felt so much better. I feel much more balanced, calm and I even feel like I am thinking more clearly. I feel more like myself and more centered. It’s like she’s helped to remove tension and blocks that were really effecting how I was dealing with life. It might not be magic but it feels magical! I recommend Nikki to everyone. Whether you have physical problems or are just dealing with everyday life stresses, reiki by Nikki can really make a difference for you!


– G. Nemcek

I have a physical problem that has altered my lifestyle.  As a result, I have been coping with physical and psychological stress.  I have been fortunate to experience the healing, peaceful benefits of Reiki administered by Nikki Ackerman.  During the sessions, I block out stressful thoughts. I become totally relaxed and drift into a serene state of mind.  I highly recommend Nikki Ackerman, she conveys a soothing energy during the session that creates a sense of well being.  My sessions with Nikki have greatly improved my overall condition.


– Toni Ritchey

I received a Reiki session from Nikki to help with stress and anxiety during an overwhelming period in my life.  I wasn’t sure what to expect during the session, but Nikki made me feel very relaxed and comfortable by explaining what she would be doing.  It was such a calming experience for me.  Nikki addressed some stressful triggers I was dealing with through both discussion and energy work.  She’s an intuitive person who is very good at what she does, treating her clients with much understanding, honor, and respect.


– C. McManus

Distance Reiki Testimonials

Distance Reiki testimonialNikki put my business on her Distance Reiki board several months ago and I have noticed a huge difference, I am able to move past my tendency for perfection and procrastination. Thank you Nikki, I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my biz!!

– Shannon


Distance Reiki testimonialI just found out that I’ve been on Nikki’s Distance Reiki board for the past 2 months…That explains everything!!!


My business is BOOMING like it never has before! I have so much work coming in right now that I have to turn people away, or schedule their projects for the coming months. I now have guaranteed work through the end of the year. Amazing.


Yep, Distance Reiki totally works! Imagine how much it can help you when Nikki does a session in person! Go see Nikki!!


– Catherine