Fifteen years ago America had experienced a horrific tragedy that will always be remembered.  September 11th (2001) can be a solemn day for many affecting both those directly affected as well as helpless on-lookers trying to make sense of what happened.  Many recollect where they were at and what they were doing during the crashes.  One thing that is clear…the result of this tragedy.  While communities, cities, and the country could have splintered and fallen apart, just the opposite happened.

Love and compassion broke through and lives among each and everyone of us.  Family, friends, neighbors, and strangers supported one another through this time.

Before teaching a Reiki class today, I paused for several moments to recollect. Not to feed energy into such a horrible incident, but turn inward and send love and peace to all those who have lost their lives, to their friends and family, as well as the country as a whole.  There are so many incredible loving people in this world (and yes even from those we wouldn’t expect).

During this time it reminds us to slow down, spend quality time with our loved ones, put the cell phone or tablet down and listen to what others are saying. Be present! Remember what is truly important and everything else will fall into place.

We all possess gifts.  We all have something to offer to ourselves and others.  I encourage you to look within and discover the gift you possess and use it.  If you find this challenging the start with stepping out of your comfort zone and give a stranger a warm smile.  Connect with others. This love and compassion that exist during times of tragedy may lay dormant when we live our day to day lives.  Give it life! Let your inner light shine. That is what holds us together as one.